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Fun and easy birthday parties, family reunions, group dates,
bachelor or bachelorette parties, graduation celebrations,
leadership and team building events, or just for fun – we do it all!

Make a Reservation


10-12 Participants

2.5 Hours – $240
5 Hours – $480


9-11 Participants

2.5 Hours – $220
5 Hours – $440


6-7 Participants

2.5 Hours – $140
5 Hours – $280


6-8 Participants

2.5 Hours – $160
5 Hours – $320


5-6 Participants

2.5 Hours – $120
5 Hours – $240


6-8 Participants

2.5 Hours – $160
5 Hours – $320




  • Step 1 – Determine your group size and the length of mission you want. Changing the ship after you’ve registered isn’t impossible, but can be difficult.  Double check how many people you are inviting and don’t forget yourself in your crew count.
  • Step 2 – After selecting your ship and length of mission, find an available date and open time slot.  If you can’t select the date you want then the ship you chose might already be reserved.
  • Step 3 – Process payment and write down the details of your reservation. A confirmation email will be sent so you can add it to a digital calendar.Reservations can be made up to 90 days in advance of the current date.




  • Mission experiences range from 2.5 to 5 hours in length in one of six simulators. For longer flight times check out our camp options.
  • Parents are not required to stay during the group mission. Our simulators are staffed by Alpine School District employees and monitored by cameras the entire mission.
  • No food is provided. When you arrive you can make arrangements with your flight director if you want to take 15-20 minutes to eat during a 5 hour mission.
  • Reservation windows close 48 hours ahead of event start times in order to process booking and staff your mission.


Do you offer programs for birthday parties?

YES! We have been offering some of the most memorable birthday parties for over 30 years. Unfortunately we don’t have the ability to host cake, ice cream, and presents.

Can adult groups come?

We have no upper age limit for our group missions and we frequently cater to our more seasoned fans. High school dance groups, surprises for your sci-fi significant other, business training & team building, or just about whatever other excuse you can come up with as an adult works for us. You aren’t the only adult who has wanted to come.

Why is the age requirement for missions 10 years old?

Our simulators offer a heart pounding and exciting experience that has often been overwhelming for younger patrons. The controls for the simulator are also too complex for them to grasp in the limited time they have to learn them. We want all who participate to get the full experience and make sure you are getting your money’s worth. Please be responsible and do not bring anyone under 10! You may be turned away without a refund. Don’t make us do that, plan ahead and consider all who are attending. Like a rollercoaster height limit, there is a reason we do things this way. It is worth the wait, so please don’t think that your child or situation is the exception.

Which ship is wheelchair accessible?

All of our simulators are ADA compliant and our staff will help you use the elevator to reach our simulators on the lower floor.

Can parents stay during the flight?

We invite parents to stay and observe the mission from our control room security cameras or even be a part of the crew, but you are not required to remain with the group. We do ask that you be prompt when picking your group after the flight.

What is the difference between the ships?

There are two main differences: first is the size of the crew each ship can handle and the other is the type of missions they run (deep space, stealth, special operations, etc.). Many crews select a favorite ship because they were on it for a field trip or previous experience.

Visit our Fleet page for more details about the ships.

Are there flashing lights within the experience? Possible seizure risks for sensitive individuals?

Yes, the simulators and planetarium often have dramatic changes to lighting or other content which is more likely to trigger seizures due to flashing lights or other causes.  When you arrive you can request for our staff to mitigate some of these effects.  Though it should be noted that some elements are automated and difficult to eliminate completely.

Can we bring more than the crew limit?

No. All of our crew sizes are based on the positions that are used to operate the ship. Some times ships can operate with less crew if they are more experienced or older, but we don’t operate with additional crew members.  Please read our Terms and Conditions page.

What's the difference between a 2.5 and 5 hour mission?

In a 5 hour experience there are more opportunities for interactions with actors, away missions, greater story depth, and a more full sense of immersion into the experience (forgetting you are in a simulator). Some crews feel like they were just getting the hang of things by the time the 2.5 hour mission ends. The more time our flight directors have, the more opportunities to create an amazing experience with many memorable moments.

What if someone can't come at the last minute?

It is possible to fly if you have less crew than the ship recommendation.  We do recommend you try to get within your ships recommended numbers and encourage parents to fill in the gaps to maximize the experience quality. It is a great experience to share with your children, even if they are too cool for you normally.

Do I need to have a parent waiver signed by all who attend?

No. Participants aren’t put into potentially harmful situations and so a health waver is not required. We do ask that you inform us of any known health conditions that might be affected by flashing lights or loud sounds.

Are you the space center located in a school?

Yes, we are connected to Central Elementary in Pleasant Grove, Utah. We now have a dedicated separate entrance on the South end of the building.  We operate all year round as a program supported by Alpine School District.

How can we get involved as a volunteer?

We greatly appreciate the help of our large group of student and adult volunteers. More information can be found by visiting our Volunteer Page.

What if we have to cancel or reschedule?

Here’s the full policy:

The basic guide to follow is contact us quickly so we have plenty of notice and we can almost always work something out to get you rescheduled. If it is just a few days before that puts us in a bind so plan ahead and confirm all that are participating as best you can. We do have to pay for credit card processing fees and our staff, so the closer to the day of the reservation the higher the portion of the deposit that can’t be refunded.

Can the simulators be rented for a film project?

Yes.  We have had many different organizations use our unique sets for filming scenes in a variety of projects.  We do have a specific rental agreement that provides more details about such endeavors.