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The Christa McAuliffe Space Center invites you to experience an immersive laser light show in our planetarium set to some of our favorite music.

Tickets: $7 

Group discounts are not applicable at this time

Open to all ages and filled with family friendly content.


The laser light shows feature intense lighting and sound effects.  Individuals that are prone to light induced seizures should not attend.  Audio levels are also elevated and may be deemed uncomfortable for some participants.  Atmospheric haze is generated to enhance the visuals of our laser projectors and other lighting.  Exposure to these particles is not harmful and is intended for public venues.  Look Solutions Haze Fluid (ANSI E1.5-2009). Those with respiratory conditions may find these conditions impacting their breathing and should take appropriate precautions.



We invite you to step out of the planetarium if at any time during the duration of the show you feel unwell.  Otherwise patrons are asked to remain seated.  Patrons should not attempt to interact with the laser beams or to place objects in their path.  Doing so will result in an immediate shut down of the show and removal from the planetarium.  Please be considerate and do not use flash photography during the presentation.  We also ask that when recording any video segments that it is brief (a few seconds) and should not impact the experience of patrons around you.



Your safety during our shows is our highest priority.  Please follow all instructions provided by our staff.