About the Planetarium

In 2016 Alpine School District successfully passed a bond to address increasing population needs and rebuild older schools within the district.  Central Elementary and the Space Center were included in those plans.  As we started preparations and planning for the rebuild it was determined that to simply rebuild the program we have now would not address the problem of turning away teachers and their students from attending due to size limitations.  We also are dealing with an aging inflatable planetarium system that will be a costly investment to replace.  That’s when the Space Center began working with district administrators who were excited at the prospect of building a planetarium and providing that additional resource and experience to the community.  The difficulty is that the bond only budgeted for the original program and so it was determined that additional funds would need to be raised to build the new elements of a planetarium and two more simulators.  And thus you have found us and are learning more about how you can be involved in bringing these great resources to our community.  Architectural plans are being developed at this time and additional details about the progress of the program can be found by visiting our FaceBook page as we announce new developments.


We currently turn away schools for field trips because of capacity limits. Our current planetarium can barely squeeze in 40 students and is our biggest limitation.

Donation Level Gratuities

First of all our most sincere thanks for supporting our program and helping us continue providing for thousands of students.

Nebula Particle

Planetarium ticket – This will get you into one of our future planetarium shows.

Nebula Membership – A year long membership that includes a planetarium show ticket, 5% off any purchases, and access to our monthly stargazer event.

Stargazer Events – Come join us in the planetarium as we present and discuss recent scientific discoveries.

Sneak peek – Be one of the first to visit our new facility before it is opened to the public including a brief planetarium presentation, simulator tours, and mingling with our special guests (TBA).

Crew Member – Get your name listed as a crew member aboard one of our starships.  Vicariously voyaging on countless missions and perhaps looking yourself up in the crew manifest when you next fly with us.

Protostar Membership – A year long membership that includes monthly planetarium show access, 10% off any purchases, and access to our stargazer events.

Officer Listing – Don’t want to be just another expendable red shirt crew member. Become a valued officer listed as our brave and talented security, engineer, and damage control officers.  These officers frequently interact directly with the crews and are sent on important assignments.

Stellar Membership – Experience a year of unlimited planetarium shows, 10% off purchases, stargazer events, as well as member exclusive early registrations and special events.   Your generosity will also be recognized as your name is added to our Stellar Donors plaque in our main lobby.

Giant Donors – An additional ticket to our sneak peek event, recognition on our online “Make Your Mark Map,” as well as a stellar membership pass for a year.  Not forgetting that you will be placed on our Giant Donors lobby plaque.

Make Your Mark

Heather Groom
Casey Voeks
Emily Paxman
Victor Williamson
Mark Clement
Vicki Carter
Ryan Wells
Alpine School District

How are the funds used?

Funds donated to this project are directly applied to construction expenses and the development of innovative features. There is no administrative overhead or side expenses that your donations are diverted to.  This is in part to an amazingly talented Advisory Board whose years of experience are voluntarily guiding this project to fruition.

Advisory Board Members: Emily Paxman, Heather Groom, Mark Clement,Ryan Wells, Vicki Carter, and Victor Williamson.

Large donations and corporate sponsorship

Please contact us directly to arrange larger donations, [email protected]  Donations are processed through the Alpine School District Foundation.  If you prefer to send a check by mail you can fill out and send in this donation form.

Email us if you would like more information about how your business can be involved in helping to sponsor our planetarium, simulators, or outreach efforts.  A representative will contact you to help explain what options are available in detail.