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Planetarium Show Information

Join us as we explore the amazing features of our universe. Shows for the public are available on select  evenings.

Check our calendar for available show times before you attend as hours of availability may change due to special events or holidays.

If no show times are available we are either sold out or closed for an event.


Private Show Info

Beginner’s Guide to the Galaxy
Duration: 50 Minutes
Minimum Recommended Age: 6+
Becoming more familiar with the beauties found in the night sky.

Sun Light & Dark Matter
Duration: 50 Minutes
Recommended ages 8+
Understanding the wonders of our Sun and exploring the mysteries of dark matter.

Beyond Our Night Sky
Duration: 50 Minutes
Recommended ages 8+
Visiting fantastic views from our past, sights to expect from our future, and see things you may never have the chance to experience on your own. We view a variety of sights which includes the Aurora, far side of the moon, comets, and more!

The Mystery of the Christmas Star
Duration: 50 Minutes
Minimum Recommended Age: 6+
​Learn about the stellar events that may have coincided with the the birth of a babe in Bethlehem and the Christmas star.

The Moon: A Legacy Left Behind
Duration: 50 Minutes
Minimum Recommended Age: 6+
Learn of the history of the Moon, the myths, phases, and wonderment of our nearby friend.

Distant Worlds – Alien Life
Duration: 50 Minutes
Minimum Recommended Age: 8+
Explore one of our most enduring questions, are we alone? An exploration produced by a consortium of German planetariums.

Double Feature: Journey & Ice Worlds
Duration: 50 Minutes
Minimum Recommended Age: 10+
Two shows about how we peak into the depths of space and the impact of ice on our own world and others.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if we arrive late for a show?

Patrons can be permitted into the planetarium after the show begins with the assistance of a staff member.  Our staff have access to a special flashlight to avoid interfering with the experience of others.  This is due to the nature of planetarium shows and the need to maintain a dark environment.  They should review some of our planetarium rules with you before entering if you missed the beginning of the show.  Doors will open 5 minutes before the show time and close 5 minutes after.  A staff member is required for re-entry if you exit the show early.

Are there age restrictions for planetarium shows?

Children 2 years old and younger are not required to purchase a ticket as long as they are on a parents lap.  Limited to one entry per adult.  A separate seat can be purchased if desired.

Out of courtesy for all guests, patrons of the Planetarium must be able to sit appropriately and quietly for the duration of the show.  We ask parents to step out with any disruptive children as necessary until the child is ready to return.  You are welcome to stand in the alcoves just outside of the dome if standing helps to keep the child calm.  For safety reasons we do not provide booster seats and ask that guests not stand on the seating.

Due to room capacity limits set by the state fire marshal we can not handle large groups with small children 2 and under.

Are there flashing lights within the experience? Possible seizure risks for sensitive individuals?

Yes, the simulators and planetarium often have dramatic changes to lighting or other content which is more likely to trigger seizures due to flashing lights or other causes.  When you arrive you can request for our staff to mitigate some of these effects.  Though it should be noted that some elements are automated and difficult to eliminate completely.

How do I reserve wheelchair seating in the planetarium?

There are 4 wheelchair spots and 4 adjacent seats located in the planetarium.  Please call ahead to reserve one of these seats when completing your ticket purchase.  Our software is unable to track this aspect and so our staff will accommodate your needs over the phone or make you aware if seating isn’t available for a particular show.

Group Discounts

Group discounts are available for planetarium shows.

15-29 Tickets = 10% Discount
30-49 Tickets = 15% Discount
50-74 Tickets = 20% Discount

You must call in to get the discount code applied.  801 610 8363

Can the planetarium be rented out for a special event?

Yes. We have held several different special events in our planetarium including a couple wedding ceremonies which have provided a unique setting for those occasions.  Because it is not the focus of our program to provide for such events we have specific details in our rental agreement that can help those who are planning such events.

Do you accept GetOutPass

The GetOutPass is a limited offer available for use in our planetarium.

“Please Check Show Time Schedule and Availability Online Before Attending. Offer is for a Planetarium Show and Can Only Be Redeemed in Person. Excludes Laser Shows and Other Special Events.”

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