Software Development – Programmers Needed

We use customized software to operate our unique simulator sets.  To facilitate an ongoing development of the software and provide valuable educational opportunities for young programmers we use Thorium software initially developed by a former staff member, Alex Anderson.

To learn more about Thorium and how you can get involved check our

We encourage programmers of all levels to get involved and help us maintain and improve our software so that we can provide the best experience possible.  You can also learn about our Programming Department and efforts to train new programmers.


The actors and behind the scene effects of our program are supported by a group of talented volunteers who devote thousands of hours every year to making your experience better.  Below are the details on how to become a volunteer.


  • Must have started 7th grade.
  • Review “How Do I Become a Volunteer & Parent Letter” with Parent or Guardian.
How Do I Become a Volunteer & Parent Letter
  • Review “Code of Conduct” with Parent or Guardian.
Code of Conduct
  • Fill out Application with Parent or Guardian.
    • Once accepted there is a $20 membership fee for your shirt & administrative expenses.
Volunteer Application
  • Promptly respond to emails and be diligent in completing the application process.  We look for candidates that know how to follow through with assignments.

Volunteer Benefits

  • Enjoyment – Many long lasting memories in a great and unique work environment.
  • All volunteers get reduced rates on missions.
  • Small gratuity. Blue Shirt Volunteers receive additional gratuity for flights worked.
  • You get valuable work experience by being a part of our educational organization.
  • Path to employment.  Generally we hire the best of our volunteers when there are openings.


Many of our staff started out as volunteers just like you and most have many years of experience.  With that experience they know what it takes to make our missions a success, and so you should follow the directions they give you while learning as much as possible when around them.  If a staff member asks you to do something that you aren’t comfortable with, let them know. If you still feel uncomfortable with the situation please inform Mr. Porter. If you work hard to develop the skills used at the Space Center, this opens up opportunities to join our staff.


A public thank you to our volunteers

One of the other aspects of the CMSEC is that we have a wonderful volunteer program that allow students and members of the community to come in and learn valuable work skills as they participate in our programs.  An average of 100 hours per year is contributed by each volunteer. These volunteers add an enriching aspect to the missions that are flown and so we set aside a small portion of our funds to reward them for the efforts they put in.  This includes providing volunteer shirts, simulator pins, awards, and other gratuities. Below are some of our long time volunteers and staff who have put in many unpaid hours over the years.

10+ Years of Continuous Service

Bill Schuller, Mark Daymont, David Herring, Matt Long, Aleta Clegg, Metta Mundell, Stacy Harken, Megan Warner, Emily Paxman, Bracken Funk, and Jon Parker.

Legacy Volunteers

Victor Williamson – 20+ years of service devoted to the discipline of wonder as the founder and director.  Thank you for dedicating nearly every weekend, weeknight, holidays, and every other spare minute that was needed.  Our gratitude for what Victor established is reflected by the joyous faces of patrons every flight.

Lorraine Houston – 20+ years as our classroom presenter, uniform and costume seamstress, goodies provider, flight director, but most importantly our cherished and beloved “mom of the Space Center.”