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Atlas Class Carrier
Bridge Crew: 10-12  –  Registry: CAA-1998-C
Dimensions: Length- 950 m, Beam- 430 m, Height- 215 m
Personnel: 5500 Officers and crew

The Magellan’s construction was completed in 2380 as part of the Atlas 3 program. The Magellan, dubbed the Atlas 3 gold, is equipped with the most high tech systems that Starfleet could offer. Starfleet’s tactical engagements have been forever revolutionized by the Atlas class and its large fleet of support ships. Atlas class carriers are sent to establish and maintain strongholds where standard outposts have not yet been constructed.

Command Positions and Department (sizes):
Chief Of Ops
Engineering Department (2)
Strategic Operations Department (3-4)
Logistics Department (2-3)

The USS Cassini was originally built at the Hogan shipyards located in orbit of Saturn. Built as one of the first deep space exploratory vessels in Starfleet, it has since undergone many modifications and refits over the years. It has often been called the old war horse of the fleet due to its long and distinguished service record working in deep space and acting as an ambassador to many new species. Though it may be one of the oldest ships in the fleet, make no mistake this ship has a number of years ahead of it.

Crew Positions: Captain, 1st Officer, Security, Damage Control, Sensors, Left-Wing, Right-Wing, Communications, Operations, Science, Engineer

Type: Destroyer     Class: Astrea     Registry: DEA-2005-C
Length – 113m, Beam 120.6m, Height – 19.8m     Standard Crew Complement: 80     Decks: 4
Warp 8.27     Weapons: 5 Phaser Cannons, 4 Torpedo Banks, Defensive Turret, Krack’en and Wasp Torpedoes

The Phoenix was initially built as a Defiant-Class Escort in 2273 as a supplement to the current battle fleets.  When designing the ship, it was overpowered with weapons rather than focusing on exploratory endeavors, making it one of the first mid-range battleships in the Federation.  After years out in the field, the original Phoenix was eventually destroyed in 2352.  In 2372, the Phoenix was redesigned and rebuilt at the Hades Shipyards as one of eight experimental Astrea-Class Destroyers.  It has been designated as an Investigative Service vessel, and is often assigned high-priority or classified missions.

Crew Positions: Captain, 1st Officer, 2nd Officer, Tactical, Helm, Communications, and Engineer

Seeker Class Cutter
Bridge Crew: 6-8
Registry: NCC-1995-A
Dimensions: Length- 30 m, Beam- 22 m, Width- 15 m
Standard Crew Compliment: 15 crew including bridge officers

The USS Odyssey was built in the year 2368 at the Antares Shipyards. It was the second in a line of new Seeker class cutters, which were commissioned as a sort of science/reconnaissance hybrid. A Research and Reconnaissance Exploratory Vessel (RREV)

Crew Positions: Captain, First Officer, Sensors, Helm, Tactical, Engineer, Communications, and Operations.

Experimental Stealth-craft
Bridge Crew: 5-6
Registry: IX-1999
Class: Shuttlecraft
Dimensions: Length- 6.0 m, Beam- 2.3 m, Height- 2.6 m

The Galileo was built in the year [REDACTED] at [REDACTED]. Designed as a versatile reconnaissance and espionage vessel, the Galileo has had a number of missions vital to internal security and intelligence gathering since its maiden voyage.

Crew Positions: Captain, 1st/Recon, Navigation, Logistics, Strategic, and Engineer

Registry: CGH – 0120
The IMS-Falcon is an independently owned and operated civilian cargo vessel.  The ship itself is a salvaged vessel of an alien origin, thus the Hayabusa designation.  That was the only translatable word on the outer hull.  The Falcon operates with a crew of 8 on the bridge and 1 in the engineering section.

Crew Positions: Captain, First Mate, Engineer, Sensors, Helmsman, Tactical, Operations, Intel