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Are you signed up for Utah’s best summer camp?

If you’re looking for an exciting, fun, and educational summer camp in Utah, then come visit the Christa McAuliffe Space Center.  Our camps offer many different stories so that you can attend multiple immersive experiences all summer long.  Sign up to be the command crew from dawn to dusk and don’t miss your chance for a summer full of memorable adventures.


Fright Flights

Enlist to experience one of our staff picks for flights that leave your heart pumping as you encounter some of the scarier aspects of space and the dangers within.  You can register as an individual or get a group of friends together for a specific ship.

  • $50 per person
  • 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm
  • Pizza dinner provided

Youth (Ages 10-16) = Friday, October 25th

Adults (Ages 17 +) = Friday, November 1st

Mission descriptions will be listed below soon.



-Red Storm Rising-

The Armagosa Science Station located within a distant nebula has stopped transmitting regular updates.  Our first attempt to reestablish contact has failed and so the Magellan is being dispatched to resolve this mysterious situation.


-Ghost Ship-

Ships are going missing inside the Beta Hydralis star cluster. Is it the Klingons? Radiation? A Ghost Ship? The Odyssey is sent to discover what the truth is, even if that truth  makes your insides crawl.



A key figure of the Federation has been Abducted, with leads coming up short and no ransom declared the Phoenix is sent to investigate a lead from an unlikely source.



The Varusuvians, an endangered nomadic race, recently settled on a planet in Cardassian space. A representative of the Varsuvians came to the Federation requesting assistance because strange things were happening on the planet, and the Cardassian Union was not letting their ships leave. According to the Cardassians, the Varsuvians are free to leave whenever they wish. Unsure who to believe, Starfleet Intelligence sends in the Galileo to investigate.

Rank Advancement

Participants receive flight and class hours for their service protecting the galaxy for every flight. Thanks to an external company, returning officers can work their way up through the ranks from Ensign to Fleet Admiral in an online database.

Additional Features:
-Printing your rank certificate in case a Targ ate it.
-Notes typed during your mission are saved to your online officer’s log.
-History of flights – Can’t remember what missions you’ve done before? Now you have a record to track your progression as a defender of freedom across the galaxy.

All these features are absolutely FREE via the external services of Consider signing up before your next group mission or camp. If you forget to plan ahead you can enter your email at the end of the flight to be sent a unique code you can use at home to connect your account to your mission information.

* is not an entity of the Christa McAuliffe Space Center or Alpine School District.


MULTIPLE CAMP ATTENDEES: The easiest way is to register under your name multiple times. When arriving for the day of the camp our staff will ask for their name or the name of the parent they are registered under.

If a group of friends or family sign up together, can they be in the same ship?

We can almost always figure something out to make that possible. If it is a larger group of 5 or more it can be difficult. We make sure that every participant is going to experience something new which might necessitate splitting larger groups. If 2 participants came together it is really easy to keep them in the same ship.

What food is served for the camps?

Our menu rotates through several different options and campers will be offered items such as sandwiches or pizza along various sides. With each meal we offer fruit, juice, soda, Go-Gurt, and some type of treat such as a cookie.

Why is the age requirement 10 years old??

Our simulators offer a heart pounding and exciting experience that can some times be overwhelming for younger patrons. The controls for the simulator can also be too complex for them to grasp in the limited time they have to learn them. We want all who participate to get the full experience and make sure they are getting their money’s worth.

What should I do if they have special medical needs?

Talk with our staff when you arrive. We can’t administer any medicine, but if you bring an enclosed container we can keep that in our office area to be accessed by the participant.

Can I attend multiple camps?

Yes. We develop new missions for our simulators every year to provide a new experience for our recurring fans.  Our Extended camp is the only exception to this and only gets 1-2 new stories each year.

What exactly am i signing my child up for?

Visiting the Space Center they will be assigned as a member of the crew for one of our futuristic starships and given a mission to complete. These tasks may have them encountering alien lifeforms, stellar anomalies, battling through blockades, or any number of amazing challenges. Interacting with an adaptive environment they must utilize math, science, technology, content knowledge, and many other skills. If they have the what it takes to work as a team and apply some leadership skills they just might come out of this adventure alive.
Here is a video about the experience:

What if we have to cancel or reschedule?

Here’s the full policy: 

The basic guide to follow is contact us quickly so we have plenty of notice and we can almost always work something out to get you rescheduled. If it is just a few days before that puts us in a bind so plan ahead and confirm all that are participating as best you can. We do have to pay for credit card processing fees and our staff, so the closer to the day of the reservation the higher the portion of the deposit that can’t be refunded.