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Are you signed up for Utah’s best summer camp?

If you’re looking for an exciting, fun, and educational summer camp in Utah, then come visit the Christa McAuliffe Space Center.  Our camps offer many different stories so that you can attend multiple immersive experiences all summer long.  Sign up to be the command crew from dawn to dusk and don’t miss your chance for a summer full of memorable adventures.


Day Camp

Be the command crew from dawn to dusk in our day camp. Beginning with an introductory 2.5 hour flight you and your friends will gain valuable experience before taking on the challenge of a 5 hour mission. This is our most popular camp and can be attended multiple times.

  • 8:30am – 5:30pm
  • Ages 10-14
  • $55
  • Participants need to bring a sack lunch from home. No food is available for purchase.

Rank Hours

6 Flight  / 2 Training

Officer Camp

Are you ready for the challenges as a command officer aboard a starship? Our officer camp courses will refine your skills in security maneuvers, tactics, diplomacy and science. Afterward your improved skills will be put to the test with a challenging mission in our simulators.

  • 8:30am – 8:30pm
  • Ages 10-14
  • $75
  • Bring a sack lunch
  • Dinner is provided

Rank Hours

6.5 Flight / 4.5 Training

Camp Waitlist

Our simulator camps are basically full for the summer.  We do still have some openings in our Jr. Science Camps listed below.  As spots open up we do reach out to those who are on our waitlist which you can join with the link below.  It is pretty rare to have openings though.  We recommend looking at our simulators page to reserve a ship for a 2.5 or 5 hour flight.  Our planetarium is also available for shows in the evenings Monday-Saturday.

Wait List

Jr. Science Camps – Ages 7-9

Jr. Science Camps

We are excited to offer opportunities for younger minds to come and explore with us this summer.  Each of our Jr. Camps are designed to engage campers in hand on and other interactive activities for 3 hours.  These will take place in our classroom, playground, and planetarium depending on the experiments and observations being made.  These camps do not include time in our simulators but instead provide opportunities to learn with our amazing classroom teachers and utilize our planetarium to explore.

Each Jr. Science camp is $20.  The age ranges are there to help guide you as the activities and the interactions between fellow campers are designed with these ages in mind.

Discovering Science

Calling all experienced, enthusiastic, and emerging scientists! We will learn how to discover the world around us through hands-on experiments and observations, including making science strawberry ice cream. Campers will explore many different fields of science- marine biology, geology, chemistry, and botany to name a few! Lab coats, goggles, and plots for world domination are optional. Curiosity required!

  • 9:00am – 12:00pm
  • Ages 7-8

I Spy Zoology

Giant sequoias, tardigrades, emus, and rattlesnakes- what really lives with us here on Earth? Join ranks with Jane Goodall, Charles Darwin, and Sylvia Earle in exploring the creatures of Earth and the places they live. Campers will survey the biodiversity of the Wasatch Front, discover new organisms, and look deep into ecosystems with our planetarium across our changing world.

  • 9:00am – 12:00pm
  • Ages 7-8

What on Earth

Ever wonder about the giant rock beneath your feet? Come and explore the features of our planet without the hassle of airports. Using real-time data, we’ll learn about Earth’s oceans, mountains, valleys, and the bits in between. Campers will build earthquake-proof structures, identify geological objects, and study Earth from space using NOAA imagery and satellites in our planetarium!

  • 1:30 – 4:30pm
  • Ages 8-9

Making Waves

Jump into physics and learn how waves travel through space and earth. Come aid our experiments with water, metallic springs, laser pointers, and electric guitars as they teach us about energy and our senses. Campers will learn how light moves across the universe and how satellites capture the light waves as pictures, and how sound is created and produces noise and music.

  • 1:30am – 4:30pm
  • Ages 8-9

All other days without a camp listed, including Saturday, are left open for group reservations and can be scheduled on our simulators page.  If you want to be contacted in case of an opening you can add your information to our wait list using the button below.

Wait List


Camp dates are available below.  If no dates are listed then all spots have been filled.  We will continue to add camps, but spots often fill fast.  A waitlist may be available for higher volume summer camps.

Rank Advancement

Participants receive flight and class hours for their service protecting the galaxy for every flight. Thanks to an external company, returning officers can work their way up through the ranks from Ensign to Fleet Admiral in an online database.

Additional Features:
-Printing your rank certificate in case a Targ ate it.
-Notes typed during your mission are saved to your online officer’s log.
-History of flights – Can’t remember what missions you’ve done before? Now you have a record to track your progression as a defender of freedom across the galaxy.

All these features are absolutely FREE via the external services of Consider signing up before your next group mission or camp. If you forget to plan ahead you can enter your email at the end of the flight to be sent a unique code you can use at home to connect your account to your mission information.

* is not an entity of the Christa McAuliffe Space Center or Alpine School District.


REGISTERING MULTIPLE CAMPERS:  You do not need to register for each person individually.  When you show up for a camp our staff will ask for the name of the individual or the parent they are signed up for.  It also shows if multiple spots were purchased.

If a group of friends or family sign up together, can they be in the same ship?

We can almost always figure something out to make that possible. If it is a larger group of 5 or more it can be difficult. We make sure that every participant is going to experience something new which might necessitate splitting larger groups. If 2 participants came together it is really easy to keep them in the same ship.

How are campers assigned to the ships?

After trying to find which friends or family are together, we find out what missions they have done so we can get them into a flight that they have not done.  To save time we also use the ranks earned from past attendance as a simple way of providing a variance between campers.

All of our simulators offer a great and varied experience so there isn’t one ship that is better than another.  Most camper preference comes from the positive experiences they have had in the past.  So our system tries to meet everyone expectations and desires while trying to minimize on time used in choosing between equally good options.

What food is available for meals?

All participants must bring their own lunch in a bag or other container.  No access to a microwave or other heating is available.  A break of 30 minutes is provided for eating.

Officer camps have a dinner meal of pizza, fruit, yogurt, juice, pop, and cookie treats.  If dietary needs such as allergies would prevent you from consuming the meal described we are happy to provide extra portions of what you can eat but are unable to provide an alternative meal.  You are welcome to bring a secondary meal and in this specialized circumstance we can arrange for access to a fridge.

Water fountains and water-bottle refill stations are available.

Why is the age requirement 10 years old?

Our simulators offer a heart pounding and exciting experience that can some times be overwhelming for younger patrons. The controls for the simulator can also be too complex for them to grasp in the limited time they have to learn them. We want all who participate to get the full experience and make sure they are getting their money’s worth.

What should I do if they have special medical needs?

Talk with our staff when you arrive. We can’t administer any medicine, but if you bring an enclosed container we can keep that in our office area to be accessed by the participant.

Can I attend multiple camps?

Yes. We develop new missions for our simulators every year to provide a new experience for our recurring fans.  Our Extended camp is the only exception to this and only gets 1-2 new stories each year.

What exactly am I signing my child up for?

Visiting the Space Center they will be assigned as a member of the crew for one of our futuristic starships and given a mission to complete. These tasks may have them encountering alien lifeforms, stellar anomalies, battling through blockades, or any number of amazing challenges. Interacting with an adaptive environment they must utilize math, science, technology, content knowledge, and many other skills. If they have the what it takes to work as a team and apply some leadership skills they just might come out of this adventure alive.
Here is a video about the experience:

What if we have to cancel or reschedule?

Here’s the full policy: 

The basic guide to follow is contact us quickly so we have plenty of notice and we can almost always work something out to get you rescheduled. If it is just a few days before that puts us in a bind so plan ahead and confirm plans with all that are participating as best you can. We do have to pay for credit card processing fees and our staff, so the closer to the day of the reservation the higher the portion of the deposit that can’t be refunded.