Special Event Fundraiser: Fear Flights

Join us on October 26th or 27th for a special event as we share some of our scariest flights in a one time night of simulator terror. Friday is student night for ages 10-17 and Saturday is for our brave adults 17 years and older.  Sign up for a specific ship below.

$45   –   4pm-10pm   –   Dinner provided
Youth: Oct 26th   –   Adults: Oct 27th

Donations welcome at: spacecenter.alpineschools.org/donate

Galileo 5-6 Crew

A nomadic race finds a temporary home on a planet in Cardassian space. Weird things start to happen, people are disappearing, and they are terrified. They try to leave, but the Cardassians force them to stay. What is happening to these life forms and why can’t they leave the planet? The USS Galileo is dispatched to find out.

Galileo - Youth – Galileo - Adult

Phoenix 5-6 Crew

It has been two weeks since the abduction of Makoto Kendo; the Federation President’s oldest child. With their captors making no demands and leads falling short, the Phoenix is being sent to investigate a new lead from a rather unlikely source. Will you find Makoto Kendo before it’s too late?

Phoenix - YouthPhoneix - Adult

Odyssey 6-8 Crew
Ghost Ship

Ships are going missing inside the Beta Hyades star cluster. Is it the Klingons? Radiation? A Ghost Ship? The Odyssey is sent to discover what the truth is, even if that truth  makes your insides crawl.

Odyssey - YouthOdyssey - Adult

Magellan 9-12 Crew

Just months after the Borg War the Federation is in shambles, the previously destroyed Magellan has been pieced back together with multiple other ships to be sent across the galaxy into the unexplored Delta Quadrant to gather dilithium crystals to support whats left of Starfleet. What will they find?

Magellan - YouthMagellan - Adult

2018-2019 School Year Camps

New Software – We are developing and testing new software that will greatly increase the capabilities of our simulators to interact effectively.  Until this software change is completed we are holding off on our school year Darmok Trials.  We want to provide the best possible content and so monthly camps are on hold temporarily.


You can still reserve a group mission with your friends in the mean time.

Frequently Asked Questions

MULTIPLE CAMP ATTENDEES: The easiest way is to register under your name multiple times.  You can also register participants as a “Family Member” once you have created an account.  Make sure to select that payments can be made for that person. You will see them as an option when registering for a camp. You won’t be able to see their schedule from your account, but you can contact us if you have any questions about what camps they are registered for.

If a group of friends or family sign up together, can they be in the same ship?

We can almost always figure something out to make that possible.  If it is a larger group of 5 or more it can be difficult.  We make sure that every participant is going to experience something new which might necessitate splitting larger groups.  If 2 participants came together it is really easy to keep them in the same ship.

What food is served for the camps?

Our menu rotates through several different options and campers will be offered items such as sandwiches or pizza along various sides.  With each meal we offer fruit, juice, soda, Go-Gurt, and some type of treat such as a cookies.

Why is the age requirement 10 years old?

Our simulators offer a heart pounding and exciting experience that can some times be overwhelming for younger patrons.  The controls for the simulator can also be too complex for them to grasp in the limited time they have to learn them. We want all who participate to get the full experience and make sure they are getting their money’s worth.

What should I do if they have special medical needs?

Talk with our staff when you arrive.  We can’t administer any medicine, but if you bring an enclosed container we can keep that in our office area to be accessed by the participant.

Can I attend multiple camps?

Yes.  We are developing new mission for our simulators to provide a new experience for our recurring fans.  You can attend multiple Day Camps and 2 Day Camps.  If you desire to attend multiple Extended camps please contact us.

What exactly am I signing my child up for?

Visiting the Space Center they will be assigned as a member of the crew for one of our futuristic starships and given a mission to complete. These tasks may have them encountering alien lifeforms, stellar anomalies, battling through blockades, or any number of amazing challenges. Interacting with an adaptive environment they must utilize math, science, technology, content knowledge, and many other skills. If they have the what it takes to work as a team and apply some leadership skills they just might come out of this adventure alive.

Do you have any special offers or discounts?

Click here to sign up for our frequent flyer to get email updates on openings and special offers.TransmissionGIF