In 1990 our first starship simulator was launched,

and a new era of immersive education began.

27 years and over 400,000 participants later

a new fleet is preparing to take the next generation

to visit the stars and imagine what lies beyond.


Help us build a planetarium along with our new Space Center facility.

We all understand the benefits of investing in education to promote a stronger and more productive community. The addition of this unique resource to our already successful program will increase how we can positively impact the lives of our participants and shape the future of our area for many years to come.  We need your help to get this project off the ground.

How much would you like to give?


We currently turn away schools for field trips because of capacity limits. Our current planetarium can barely squeeze in 40 students and is our biggest limitation.


For 27 years we assimilated portions of Central Elementary in converted classrooms, labs, and the cafeteria. With a uniquely designed facility the experience begins as you walk through the doors.


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Alpine School District continues to sustain and support the CMSEC as it has for over 27 years. A portion of the project and main facility will be constructed using bond funds.

 How are the funds used?

Funds donated to this project are directly applied to construction expenses and the development of innovative features. There is no administrative overhead or side expenses that your donations are diverted to.  This is in part to an amazingly talented Advisory Board whose years of experience are voluntarily guiding this project to fruition.

Advisory Board Members: Emily Paxman, Heather Groom, Mark Clement,Ryan Wells, Vicki Carter, and Victor Williamson.

Large donations and tax deductible

Please contact us directly to arrange larger donations, [email protected]  All donations, no matter the size, make a difference and are tax deductible.  Donations are made through the Alpine School District Foundation.  If you prefer to send a check by mail you can fill out and send in this donation form.

Previous Projects:

Our program has been formed through donations and generated funds from our private programs and camps.  We look forward to the next innovation opportunity.

  • USS Voyager (Decommissioned) – 1990 – U.S. West, Apple Computers, USOE, United States Department of Education, Alpine School District
  • USS Odyssey A – 1993 – Alpine School District Foundation
  • USS Galileo A – 1999 – Generated Funds
  • Discovery Classroom – 2001 – Generated Funds
  • DSS Magellan – 1999 – Generated Funds
  • USS Falcon (Decommissioned) – 2001 – Intel
  • USS Phoenix – 2005 – Generated Funds
  • USS Magellan B – 2006 – Generated Funds
  • USS Galileo B – 2009 – BYU Capstone Project & Generated Funds
  • USS Odyssey B- 2014 – Generated Funds
  • New Facility: Six simulators, 40 ft planetarium, outreach rooms, and more – Coming 2020