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Simulator Controls

Our next major project is software development that will replace our current simulator controls.  This overhaul is critical to our ability to serve more patrons and add new engaging experiences. Our current software has significant limitations and has started to impede our ability to effectively operate with the growing demands we are experiencing.  Help us elevate our software to meet the standard of our amazing new facility.


We've reached Milestone 1 thanks to a donation from our friends at Meta!

  • Reduced strain on staff who manually manage a large array of flight elements
  • Shorten flight director training time, currently around 4-6 months
  • Increased staffing will allow for additional flight times to open on schedule and to serve more patrons
  • Automated dynamic responsiveness for participants will create a more immersive experience
  • Leap forward from the basic story telling model introduced in 1990 to a dynamic information gathering experience where the crew has immediate access to information needed for decision making
  • Unity Game Engine : Software built upon industry-standard game engine technology by seasoned, certified Unity experts
    • A Unity platform with a professional design structure allows student programmers to learn coding and contribute content
  • Patented simulation architecture specifically designed for stability, extensibility, and maintainability
  • Proprietary communication protocol that encapsulates simulation state in an extensible, efficient manner
  • Patent pending multimedia asset management system that applies object-oriented concept of inheritance to asset organization and loading
  • AR/VR integrations allowing for extensions beyond the physical set limitations of the starship bridge
    • Providing students with the tools of the future and opportunities to design
  • Multi ship simulations enabled by realtime processing allows our ships to explore collaborative missions or even adversarial adventures
  • A Unity based 3D environment will provide high quality generated graphics of the ships surroundings and their interactions
  • Utilize augmented reality face-fitter technology (akin to Snapchat filters) to display interactive avatars on the main viewscreen

Development Partners

Telos University utilizes their starship simulator as part of a treatment program for neurodiverse young adults with mental health challenges.

Dimension X is the team of amazing developers helping to create the next generation of starship simulation controls.

Thank You To Our Facility Sponsors

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Stephen Porter
Chandler Newby
Carol Morley
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Mason Edmondson
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