Field Trips for 5th and 6th Graders

Space Center field trips are open to all school districts, charter schools, and home school groups.

Plan a Field Trip

Registration for the 2021-2022 school year field trip are now open.  Registration works a bit differently this year so please follow these instructions carefully.

  1. Coordinate with the other teachers at your school to avoid duplications.
  2. Watch this video on how to register your class.  Signing up for the right amount of spots is essential and we are trying a new method for reserving dates.
    “How to” Video ~7 min
  3. Here is the link to the registration spreadsheet in the video.
  4. Fill out the contact confirmation form so that we can connect your registration information to your personal contact information.  The sheet is a public document so this lets us keep your info private.  If we don’t have contact information you may lose your spot.
    Contact Confirmation Form
  5. Put the details on all participating teachers calendars.
We will reach out to your school with a confirmation and plan for processing funds in the summer.

TEACHERS – Field Trip Preparations

Required Preparation

Suggestions for Success

  • Check out our additional TEACHER RESOURCES and lessons. As an example we have created an Officer’s Log activity that has briefing resources and career exploration activities that students can complete at home.
  • VERIFY CORRECT DIRECTIONS TO OUR SCHOOL95 North 400 East, P.G. Many bus drivers are familiar with our location, but be assertive that YOU know the way so you don’t lose valuable time.
  • AMBASSADOR LETTERS – These documents can be printed and given to the Ambassador or Captain of each ship before attending. These documents provide more of the background story that will help them to perform their position.
  • REVIEW APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR & EXPECTATIONS before leaving your school.
  • BOARDING PASSES READY & LUNCHES IN BIG BOXES, not individually held by students or in backpacks. Some teachers pass out the Alpha group’s Boarding Pass a few minutes before the bus unloads.
  • UNPLANNED ABSENT STUDENTS – You can rearrange positions, and as a general rule the positions at the bottom of the Magellan list are easiest to do without. Keep the smaller ships filled.
  • HAVE STUDENTS USE RESTROOMS and wash their hands before lining up to board the bus. We will still take a break when you arrive, but it will go faster if most have already gone.
Teacher Resources
Dear Teachers,

We’ve prepared several engaging labs, centered in the State CORE, which are connected to the ULTIMA MYSTERY #1 lesson that we have been doing this year at the Space Center. If your class has not come on a field trip this year, we have included MYSTERY #1. For your convenience, the resources are available in the link above. Simply download the lesson, make copies for your class, and have fun flying into space!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which ship is wheelchair accessible?

All of the simulators and planetarium (4 spots) are now fully wheelchair accessible.  A staff member can assist you in getting access to the elevator.

Which positions should I assign ELL students, and those with learning disabilities or other challenges?

The Magellan & Cassini are best suited to help in those situation as they generally have extra staff.  Look for the positions that have a partner so that they can receive support from another of your students.

How is payment handled?

Reservations are initially made without payment.  Payments for field trips will be processed in September for those scheduled in Aug-Dec and then in December for those attending Jan-June.  We will confirm your reservation and send payment options at a later date.

How many teachers and parents can come?

Each group (Alpha/Bravo) needs to have a teacher in charge and with the group at all times.  The total number of adults can match the number of simulators you reserved.  4 Ships equals 4 adults.  Plan ahead as parents usually want to see their child and so it is best to put the children in different ships to avoid cramped control rooms.  Please also let attending adults know that they are there to help maintain behavior expectations and may be asked to help with activities.  No small children should be brought.

When should I hand out any flyers we have been given?

We appreciate your help in promoting our program. The best time to hand them out is as they get off the bus to go home on the day of your field trip or the very next day.  An email home to parents is also extremely beneficial to our program.  Thank you!