As a participant at the Christa McAuliffe Space Center all patrons must agree to the following terms and conditions:

Group size limits

Dear Space Center patron,

Reservations in our simulators are made for very specific group sizes. If you arrive with a group larger than the reservation size our staff have been instructed to kindly read this notice to you.  No individuals beyond the reservation size are permitted to participate.

Group sizes are limited for many different reasons and we ask all patrons to plan accordingly. The only way to increase your participant size is to change your reservation PRIOR to attending.  Our staff are instructed not to make exceptions on the day of the flight.

Up to two individuals can observe from the control room so long as they do not distract employees and volunteers from performing their responsibilities.  Observers that cannot remain adequately still or quiet will be asked to leave the facility and return at the end of the scheduled reservation.  This allows our staff to focus and provide the highest quality experience possible. Youth cannot observe without an adult present.

Thank you for your understanding.

-Mr. Porter

Exceptions to size limits will be granted for:

Individuals with disabilities where an adult individual is there to aid the participant in performing their role as a crew member.

Nursing mothers will be accommodated for private reservations where you have rented out the entire simulator, but we ask that you do not attend with your infant if your are a participant of a mixed group event.  Mothers needing to take care of related needs can arrange to step out as frequently as needed as coordinated with CMSC staff upon arrival.


I also agree to and provide permission for the photographic, video, audio, and any other form of electronic recording for and on behalf of the Alpine School District.  I acknowledge and agree that ownership of such recordings will be retained by the Alpine School District.

I authorize the use, reproduction and electronic posting of any recording referred to above for any reasonable purpose within the discretion of the Alpine School District without acknowledgment and without being entitled to remuneration or compensation.

I understand and agree that if I wish to withdraw this authorization, it will be my responsibility to inform the Space Center in writing at 95 N. 400 E., Pleasant Grove, UT  84062.



Participants are legally responsible for any personal actions taken and agree to hold harmless and defend the Alpine School District, its officers, directors, agents and chaperones from any illness or injury or cost of medical treatment endured in connection with participation.  I agree to compensate the Alpine School District, its officers, directors, agents, and chaperones for reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses arising in connection therewith.


All participants who bring medications for use while attending will maintain control of substances and have them on their person at all times.  Parents can request to have medications stored with staff by informing a senior staff member and making arrangement.  Staff will not administer personal medications, but will make medications available at prearranged times.  Be sure all medications have the campers name and their guardians securely on containers.

Participant Code of Conduct

•  I will be in the assigned area at all times (e.g. building, simulators etc) as directed by staff.

•  I will attend all activities with a positive attitude.

•  I will follow the directions of the teachers and staff.

•  I will treat others the way I want to be treated.

•  I will follow the hours rules established for the camp.

•  I will be respectful to the building and simulators of the Center.

•  I will be accountable by accepting responsibility for my choices and actions.

•  I will be responsible for any damage, theft, or misconduct in which I participate.

•  I will dress appropriately and tastefully at all times.

•  I will act and speak respectfully. I will not use vulgar or abusive language.

Cancelation Policy

I understand that there are costs associated with scheduling an appointment and fees for may be charged to cover processing fees.