DTSign up for any 2 Day summer camp to participate in our newly developed Space Center experience.  This unique experience utilizes our four amazing simulators and newly installed technology that allows for each ship to not only hear but see each other.  Greater challenges, diplomacy, problem solving, subterfuge, and more await those who attempt to master our fully interactive Darmok Trials.

Briefing Information

YuriMany events have shaped the course of mankind’s exploration into space including Yuri Gagarin as the first human into space, the construction and continuous manning of the International Space Station, and the discovery of technology allowing us to leave our solar system.  With the end of major conflicts within the Alpha Quadrant, and after rebuilding from the Borg invasion, the United Federation of Planets faces a new opportunity in the year 2460 to venture into unexplored space.

KepplerTo understand the leap forward we have to turn back a page to the time during the year 2160 as Earth was in the midst of a war with the Romulan Empire.  While searching for new resources and possible allies, an inhabited star system was located designated MU Arae.  While approaching the outer edge of the system, the USS Keppler made contact with an unknown race who identified themselves as the Darmok.  Little is known about the Darmok as they immediately requested that no other ships enter their area of space.  Ever since that encounter, any vessels that have ventured too close to MU Arae are later found floating adrift, needing to be towed away as their engine systems and sensor are completely disabled.  The Darmok are a very advanced race whose privacy the Federation has tried to respect.

It was quite a surprise when a Darmok ship showed up two weeks ago in orbit of Earth requesting to speak with the President of the Federation.  We were informed that a Darmok ship had been sent to all major governments within the Alpha Quadrant.  These representatives had been sent to offer a chance for inter-planetary corroboration and new exploration opportunities.  The Darmok saw this moment of relative peace amongst the major races as the chance to turn our focus toward something greater and to avoid future contention over ever dwindling resources.

It turns out that the Darmok are just as advanced as we had predicted they were and one of their primary advances is the ability to form stable wormholes.  This explains why no Darmok ships were ever seen leaving their home system.  The representatives explained that the Darmok have been exploring some of the furthest reaches of the galaxy in search of other peaceful, like minded races.  In their search they found many different groups, and to their disappointment many of them were also ensnared in war.  Eventually they stopped their searching and began establishing their ideal society in an area that was mostly uninhabited, bringing with them refugees from some of the most war devastated regions of space.

Planet SystemThe area is known as Tanagra, named after the founding planet where they initially brought refugees.  The Tanagra region has expanded over hundreds of years under the watchful influence of the Darmok.  There are now many inhabited planets as well as dozens of spaceports, mining stations, research outposts, trade depots, and other settled locations.

Tanagra is not without conflict.  The Darmok explained that they now accept that struggle, turmoil, and even war are a natural progression within developing societies.  They gave up trying to stop Tanagra from experiencing such conflicts, but instead have guided them so that rather than struggling for centuries they transition through difficult times in decades.  Though the Darmok have helped the people of Tanagra to develop technology they have limited these groups to speeds not faster than warp 2 so they wouldn’t reach neighboring groups that would taint their development.  The Darmok have also used many resources and ships to keep the outside groups from exploring Tanagra space.

It is to this developing region that they would like to bring representatives from our area of space.  Darmok desires that the first outside encounters to Tanagra’s people be with other peaceful groups.  Their hope is that as our different groups work side by side with the governments of Tanagra we will form new bonds while also helping to ease the burden the Darmok carry in managing an ever expanding area.  They admit they don’t have enough ships to continue to aid Tanagra’s growth and stop the increasing attempts from the neighboring groups to penetrate their borders.FlagsThe proposal is fairly straightforward, they have invited us to participate in a competition amongst the other Alpha Quadrant groups.  They have many different tasks that are requests from groups within Tanagra and some directly from the Darmok themselves.  The Alpha Quadrant group that performs the best while completing these tasks will be granted the privilege of having a stable wormhole established to wherever they desire.  Groups that participate but don’t win the competition will be compensated for their efforts based on the credits earned.

WormholeThe Federation sees this as an amazing opportunity to not only explore a new area of space, but the many potential uses of establishing a stable wormhole.  It has been decided to dispatch four ships as representatives of different areas of influence within the United Federation of Planets.  The Magellan will represent Starfleet’s military goals while the Odyssey will represent our scientific pursuits.  The Phoenix’s unique capabilities will perform in behalf of our Civilian and Commerce interests, and lastly the Galileo is being sent as a part of our intelligence division.  Whichever ship performs the best will influence how the Federation will utilize the wormhole, should we succeed in the competition.

This mission will test our crews in their abilities to think on their feet,  form partnerships, and adapt to unique circumstances all while in a completely unfamiliar and never before experienced style of mission.  Starfleet has installed new equipment into our starships that will allow for the broadcasting of audio and video between those participating ships.  We trust that those brave crews that volunteer for this assignment will be ready for a challenge never before experienced anywhere in the universe as we take part in the Darmok Trials.