Everyone must wear a mask during the duration of your visit.


As part of ongoing efforts within our community, the Space Center has implemented the following practices to protect patrons and staff.  We ask that all who participate in our program follow these precautionary actions to protect themselves and others.  Those who do not may be asked to leave the premises as a precaution for the safety of others.

Proximity limitation – Due to the design of our simulators it is not possible to distance participants 6 ft apart. The simulation also requires interaction between participants.  Staffing and volunteer interactions will be reduced to maximize distancing while impacting the experience as minimally as possible.

Request to Patrons

Follow government suggested protocols.
Do not attend if you have any symptoms (ex. fever, coughing, runny nose) that may indicate you are sick.
Use the provided soap or sanitizer to wash your hands upon arrival.
Keep your group distanced from others that are attending the Space Center.
Parents or other guests will not be allowed to watch from the control room during this time.

Staff Practices

Each staff member and volunteer will be screened for a fever and other symptoms.
Staff & volunteers are required to wear a mask when interacting with patrons.
Physical interactions with actors will be reduced from our standard practices.
Crew uniforms will not be provided to patrons until government restrictions indicate it is safe to do so.
A limited library of simulator missions will be offered to eliminate prolonged interactions.